What we offer you

Workers Compensation, No Fault Auto Accidents, and Third Person Liability injuries are covered by insurance and a prescription from your physician. Please feel free to CONTACT US for any additional information about this and regarding other Health Plans that may be covered by specific Participating Insurance Plans.

The following are some of the treatments & services that we provide for our patients:

- Medical massage

- Car accident injury

- Work related injury

- Personal Injury

- Soft Tissue Injury

​- Active Release Technique 

- Daily aches & pains

- Lomilomi

- Deep Tissue

- Trigger Point 

​- Swedish

- Myofascial Release Therapy

- Integrated Massage

- Pain Management


- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

- Gua Sha

- Kinesiology Taping

- Cupping Therapy